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Paestum watch is a line of modern and sophisticated watches created by the historic Marandino's Jewelry which is located in Capaccio, a town in the province of Salerno, halfway between the wonders of Cilento and Salerno.

For the launch of this new product we were asked to create several shots photos based on the future use of the shots, following the creation of the e-commerce website , for the shop online of the products, and the responsive and dynamic website containing all the detailed information. In addition, we dealt with the paper part by producing depliants and brochures of the products.

Paestum Watch


The e-commerce website is a shop online that can be navigated from whichever device is chosen for its visualization, it highlights the products with elegance, conveying the company's professionalism to the customer and allowing him to manage the products, orders and payments.

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Logo applications

To increase the professionalism of the brand, we have created various personalized objects with the logo, thus strengthening and spreading the brand image.

“Your company's most valuable asset is its image with customers.”

Brian Tracy
watchs photography


The photo shoot was designed to show the company and its products, highlighting their characteristics and beauty.

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Promotional Photos

The promotional photography shooting was carried out with the aim of promoting the product in question and using images to update the e-commerce site

Still-Life Photography

To show the product at its best and convey to the customer the feeling of having the object in front of us, we created a still-life photo shoot with professional quality images and paying attention to all the factors that affect the final result.

E-Commerce photo

An e-commerce photo shoot creates content suitable for online sales to be included on the dedicated website.

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