Vecchio Saracino

Agropoli's Restaurant



Vincenzo Carola is the creator of the Carola 1801 brand which today represents a centennial history. The "Vecchio Saracino" restaurant in Agropoli is today one of its prominent activities. After 5 generations, it represents today the historical legacy of the Carola family, one of the first restaurateurs in Italy and Cilento.
For this project, the client's request was to make a photoshoot of the activity.

Given the strong importance of images in marketing and especially in the food sector, we have created a photo service with emotional and detailed shots of the environment and dishes. A careful presentation of food is essential and can condition those who view it. A dish that looks good will have many more chances of being perceived as good too.

Vecchio Saracino
foto still-life food


The photoshoot still life of food is centered on the flagship dishes of the restaurant and by combining that touch of creativity and plays of light it captures and transmits their essence to those who look at them.

“Speak to your audience using their language and tell them what they care about.”

Jonathan Lister
shooting photo structure

Photo Reportage

The goal of the restaurant's photo reportage was to create shots that could convey and tell the story of the company, the quality of the product offered and the professionalism.

corporate reportage photography

E-Commerce Photos

Other photoshoot was made to obtain shots suitable for inclusion on the e-commerce site, highlighting the characteristics of the product that is sold trying to capture the customer's attention and convince him to buy it.

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